Lesotho : the kingdom in the skye

Sans titre

Lesotho or the Kingdom in the skye, locked behind the barriers of spear (or you know, Drakenberg) is in a world apart from the world where the time seems to have stopped.

On the east side, the Kingdom is rather difficult to access. Only one way is possible, Sani Pass, perched at 2876m above sea level. The adventure begins, you’ll need a 4×4 unless you are a good driver and the conditions are more than ideal, from Underberg in South Africa. The fiercest will face the pass by bike or running! Fortunately, it was not our case.

You can see the four season in an hour. We only saw mist and clouds !
on our way to : the clouds !
Sometimes, the landscape looks almost scottish !
Rock hyrax or dassies

One of the easy ways to experience Lesotho’s air is to book a day trip with a guide (equipped with his trusty steed). So we spent the day with Roger from Sani Pass Tours.


On the top of the pass, the landscape changes altogether: we are above the mountains, above the clouds. The landscape is bare, it’s already winter here. Sani Top, perched at 2873 m above the ocean, is also the highest pub in Africa, where you feel like home watching the clouds pass from a couch in front of a roaring fire.

Basotho sheperd in the mist


Roger, our guide, in a traditional hut

It is in Lesotho that we find the highest point of Southern Africa, the Thabana Ntlenyana which dominates the Drakensberg from its 3482 m altitude. its name means “Beautiful little mountain” in Sesotho, official language of Lesotho.

The Thabana Ntlenyana (far in the background !)

Traditionally, basotho people wear a wool blanket called “basotho blanket” in all weather and all seasons. It’s a centuries-old tradition firmly rooted in everyday life. The patterns are diverse, varied and colorful. They are normally woven in merino wool whose sheep are everywhere.

The country seems to live in another time. At the moment, it is sheltered from mass tourism, Lesotho is a small enclave between heaven and earth. The only road to Mokhotlong was built by China a few years ago. In this part of Lesotho, forgotten behind the mountains, it’s pretty much the only trace of “modern life” – if you ignore the local “supermarket” and the bank.

The incomparable sky of Lesotho!

In short, we will come back!

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