My little paradise : Zingela

I’d like to tell you about a hidden gem of Kwazulu-Natal that is very dear to my heart : Zingela

Typically South-African scene

Zingela is a piece on heaven on Earth. Lost ?  Lost? Yes, well, for the uninitiated, even the access is a great adventure. From Pietermartizburg, it takes 2 hours more or less depending on your 4×4 skills. The adventure starts from the highway and goes to the village of Weenen. When you finally leave the village, it’s time to engag the 4×4 and show your mad skills for about an hour of jeep track through the savannah.

When I say 4×4 and savannah, I’m not joking


Zingela is where you can forget the world. Indeed, it’s kind of a bit far anyway. But not only, there is no signal on the entire estate. Just a little bit of intermittent wifi at the bar – because yes, of course, there is a bar.

The heart of Zingela, the bar.

The estate is in the middle of bush and surrounded by the savannah. The camp itself is located along the Thukela River. The Thukela is also my study area and that’s why I’m spending and will spend many days and weeks in Zingela in the coming year.

The accommodation (huts, houses, cabins … there is something for everyone) were built by hand with natural materials found on site. And for my greatest pleasure: outdoor shower and with a view.

Everything in the great South-African tradition of “braai”
One of the house to share
My bedroom during my last visit


Sometimes, we get a safari tent along the river
Breakfast with a view

Zingela, it’s also about 6 km of river, rapids and large pools and a great place for kyayking. Et for me, actually, that river is more or less my office !

Working hard paddling upstream
What a pretty river (and a clean one too !)
When I say “office”, I’m not kidding either !

In my next post, I will explain why, how and what I’m doing in Zingela. But for now, enjoy the view.

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